Blur – “Song 2”

When: April 1997
Where: My family’s den
Who: Unknown
Weather: Unknown

In 1997, Britain invaded the United States. I can remember to this day the jealousy I felt as every girl in my class fell head over heels for Hugh Grant; the Spice Girls were viewed as a fresh new voice; and Mike Myers had brought in a fresh new stereotype from Canada that Englishmen had bad teeth.

Britpop was making waves, but the genre was nearly dead when Damon Albarn of Blur expressed regret of their deeply autobiographical release, The Great Escape. Instead, he handed the reigns of the band to guitarist Graham Coxon, who used the opportunity to give life– possibly unintentionally– to a new, old genre. Before the Strokes, and the Hives, and the other The bands (about which much more later), there was the self-titled album Blur.

This particular track was claimed to have been created as a parody of grunge, which critics and audiences across the pond always hated. And with this claim in mind, it irked Albarn to no end to hear it blaring out of SUVs in Arizona.

But listening to the album, it’s clearly Coxon’s baby; “Song 2” fits in perfectly with the other tracks, and its easy to listen and hear bands that haven’t come into being yet. But in April of 1997, there was no pretense for the child watching a PBS promo on a sunday night, with this song.

Next: The Britons continue to dominate in an unexpected way with The Verve


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