TLC – “Waterfalls”

When: June 1995
Where: Unknown
Who: Unknown
Weather: Hot

The first time I asked a girl to marry me was October 19, 1995. Those of you who’ve been following these entries realize that doesn’t make any goddamn sense, as I had yet to turn six years old. Well, tough, because today’s entry begs a more important question: When did R&B stop being R&B?

As long as I have been alive, R&B has always meant slow, boring songs to have seemingly amazing sex to, which is kind of silly. As I later discovered, this has not always been the case, and the current situation seems so limiting. This song is among the better of the genre, recently revived at the time, and there’s little to say about it except that I miss the cute one.

Next: Garbage opens a lost world.


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