Big Mountain – “Baby I Love Your Way”

When: February 1994
Where: My mother’s ’88 Corolla (previously owned by my father)
Who: My mother
Weather: Unknown

This was the first version of this song I ever knew. In fact, I’m not sure I’ve ever heard the original Peter Frampton version. As far as I am concerned, it’s meant to be a Reggae song. Bill Nye the Science Guy agreed with me when the show’s producers created a parody version of this version of the song, “Energy Comes in Waves.” And when I play this version for people, they like it better. And yet it was only created for the movie Reality Bites, as a nostalgia piece for an entire generation that was, for the most part, in their twenties.

I can’t imagine what my generation would use in its place. No product of the 2000s has the same level of popularity, crossover appeal, and positivity that that song did. But if we had such a thing, if we covered it, would four-year-olds get something completely different out of it?

Next: Hope Sandoval becomes the first of many to keep me out of latency.


One comment on “Big Mountain – “Baby I Love Your Way”

  1. paeng01 says:

    Nice reggae song by Big Mountain….I love to listen to this song, brings back memories

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