Fleetwood Mac – “Never Going Back Again”

When: January 1994
Where: My bed (in what would soon become our den)
Who: No one
Weather: Unknown

This was the last time I was in a junior bed. I was four, and the whole nursery was about to be refitted with a backdoor to become our den. This, along with a new patio and deck, were a drastic change and sure to upset the spirit that haunted our house. It wasn’t long before I moved into the TV room, and the TV moved into my room, and something floated over me while the opening horns of Masterpiece Theatre blared in the distance. I can’t say it was a ghost, but this song popped into my head.

As white people, it was required by law for my parents to have Rumours on both vinyl and tape, and I was overcome with terror every time they played this light melody. Today, as I have developed the habit of exploiting my childhood fears, it brings me a great deal of satisfaction to have it on my list.

Next: This land is our land, this land is their land.


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