Blur – “There’s No Other Way”

When: April 1991
Where: My dad’s ’88 Corolla (radio tuned to KROQ-FM)
Who: My mom
Weather: unknown

The first time I heard this song, my uncle Jay was still referring to me as “The Baby,” so excuse me for what happened next.

“There’s No Other Way” by Blur has the honor of being the first song ever to get stuck in my head. After 1991, I never heard it. Which is why, after a while, I became convinced that I’d invented it. All I remembered of that song was Graham Coxon’s iconic opening riff. No lyrics, no band name, no information to speak of from the DJ.

Flash forward to February 2009. Things weren’t going so well at college, and I decided to get into Blur. I downloaded their first album, Leisure, from back in their shoegaze days and I play the first song, which is kind of long, so I skipped to the second track. What happened at that moment was the best possible outcome of this long, impossible situation. The very next thing I did was enter it into the playlist.

My teaser for this article was “What do you do when a song gets stuck in your head for 18 years, and you don’t know the name of the song, the artist, or the lyrics?” The answer unfortunately is nothing. I came across this song out of dumb luck. And it isn’t the only one I’ve had this problem with. Sadly, humming into your computer microphone will not get you very far.

Note: Certain memories are stronger than others, and as such I tend to focus on the song itself when it’s weak.

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